Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat... Smell My Feet...

I've never been so inspired, yes we can!!!

I'm not a giant, Mahoney's grammie is pretty short...

When put together, we make electricity...

A witch, nurse, keg of Natural Light, and ???

This weekend, my wife and I attended the Mahoney's Halloween party. Mahoney has been my best friend for over ten years now and stood up with me as my best man in 2003. In an agreement with Mahoney's wife, we would attend the party and Mahoney could sneak down for a quick hunt (see Matt and Mahoney, It's kinda of hard being Snoop D-O- Double G).
In retrospect, the three hour drive was well rewarded with an excellent attendance and great costumes.

Personal highlights for me were winning best costume, learning a few extra defensive mechanisms, and meeting my idol- Senator Barack Obama. I asked him questions about gun control, taxes, and the true intent of the far left agenda. I was very pleased as our pleasant discussion yielded the catch phrases change, hope, believe, spread the wealth, and common sense gun control. All jokes aside, I had an absolute great time and would like to thank all who helped salvage my bad day hunting. And I would love to give a special shout out to Mahoney's grandmother, that typical white person, who told me it was okay to cling to my guns and bible. Thanks Grammie!!!

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