Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting ready for turkey...

In one week, I will be attending my second ever turkey hunt and the first one with one of my truest hunting buddies, The Rabid Outdoorsman aka DuckHammer. This one has been on the radar since the opener of ducks last fall, and I'm as excited as can be to try my hand at a big gobbler once again. And to top it off, my other great hunting partner Matt Diesel will be driving down with me. All I need to do is pick him up on the way.

Okay with that said, I decided to bring out the Beretta Xtrema2 for some target practice (target practice???) just to see how the #5 shot Federal 3.5 inch in 2 oz load would treat my homemade targets. The munchkins took the time to color them in and were quite proud of their good work, and was pleasantly surprised when my oldest suggested that these decoys would definitely bring in those turkeys. I had to tell them that Daddy was going to use them for target practice and they were excited to see how well I would fare.

On the bigger bird, I counted 80 shots from the top of the head down to the base of the neck. For the smaller one, I scored 76 shots and put the wad through it's lower chest. This was attained with a modified choke and about 20 yards away. After some thought about installing a factory full choke, I chose to stick with the modified spread. Rabid also explained that my locale would max out at about 20+/- yards anyways. After some basic research, I'm thinking that the #5 shot has a little over 300 pellets so I'll consider that fairly decent patterning with the modified choke.

Here's the photos from my trials, we'll see how the hunt goes and if the Maine Outdoorsman can put me onto a big tom. No pressure buddy!!!

My oldest daughter's turkey with 80 shots...

Close up

With light in the background

My youngest daughter's turkey with 76 shots

Close up

With light in the background

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day Pictures...

I know I suggested I'd be away for awhile in my last post, but I had to get these springtime ducks on the blog. Today, there was a drake blue winged teal, two drake wood ducks, and a number of residential mallards. For a guy who spends most of his time around eiders, scoters, old squaws, and other sea ducks, I don't get much of a chance to see these beauties. I believe this is the first recognized blue winged teal I've seen in my neck of the woods. But then again, I didn't spend the time or energy into duck identification as all my hunting used to be only in the Gulf of Maine.

I'd like to give a shout out to Bud and Mel who let me spend some time on their property, especially on such a special day.


Friday, April 10, 2009

First wood duck of 09...

I've been pretty lousy with the writing and must echo the same sentiments as my good buddy, the Maine Outdoorsman, who seems to have fallen off the planet. Even this A type has discovered that role strain isn't the best way to function. I'll be absent for some time as I won't be participating in anything outdoors until the lakes warm up enough to encourage the bass to become a little more active. Plus bass fishing in April is cold, it isn't like you can tuck in behind the blind, drink coffee, and enjoy the fact that you are super insulated.

I usually don't have a lot of trout luck until May when the hatches occur, so put that together with no hunting and I'm just the Downeast Dad, Dude, Director, and Do All.

Here the picture of the first wood duck of 09 taken by my daycare provider who has the neatest little pond going, too bad it's about 50 feet from her house because that qualifies it as a protected pond.

Till next time...

DEDH out