Saturday, January 9, 2010

First day out on the ice...

I had planned on an ice fishing jaunt with the Rabid Outdoorsman for this weekend, but plans change and I just couldn't attend the brown trout venture he had planned with his brother, Matt Diesel.

However, I wasn't without opportunity and the brook trout found trouble today. My good friend Bud and I departed before daylight to get an early jump on the fishing while our wives would expect our return at noon for their joint venture to stimulate the economy. Our fishing party also was attended by my uncle, cousin, and good buddy Brian.

The photographic opportunities around the day were skewed at best, my camera never ever even took one picture as I glared at "Change the Batteries" while I attempted to photograph my first brook trout. Meanwhile, I never even knew that Bud had a camera until he was taking some photos for himself.

The wind was a snappy Northerly, with a sharp chill but we managed to check the traps often and proved successful in our labors. Tallies floated around twenty plus brook trout landed ranging from six inches to thirteen inches. I had caught my 11 inch brookie even before I could get my second trap baited first thing in the morning. That same hole saw five trout dance out of the icy circle.

Below are several photos taken by Bud who landed five trout himself, sometimes the better days just don't get imagery to impress the quality of the experience. Nevertheless, I am appreciative of the photos that I can share this weekend.

Have a great one,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

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Wandering Owl said...

Still a great post without the photos of your brook trout. That's a lesson I still really haven't learned from. I always have my spare batteries in another coat!