Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's on!!!

The new duckmobile... uh, the new family vehicle... I would have cropped the picture but wanted to show the eider decoys in the background!!!

Once again yours truly, the Downeast Duck Hunter, will travel downstate to hunt with my esteemed buddy, critic, and hunting partner, the Rabid Outdoorsman...

A comical but sincere effort had taken place last year as we both wrote articles from our own perspective in regards to our participation in opening day, from preparation to endgame. This year should be no different, but after 365 days of joking, teasing, harassment, and other ventures, I would also suggest that our literature could take on a whole new direction. We shall see...

Rather than focus on opening day like last year, we have decided to make our hunting efforts a weekend event that will consist of two full days of hunting bliss. Some may ask why not opening day and I would respond that day 2 and 3 consecutively works better than day 1, work, and then day 3.

On any account, get ready for some of the world's worst coffee, some jabbing, and most of all a great reflection from two great friends who enjoy the outdoors as much as anybody. Until our next article, take care!!!

The Downeast Duck Hunter


tugboatdude said...

Good luck to both of you.I hope the weather cooperates and you shoot well.Our first duck split isn't for a few weeks so I'm anxious to see how you do up north

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I am counting the hours! Can't wait buddy! :)

BTW, I have already started writing up this "adventure" from my perspective. Stop by the blog! LOL!