Thursday, March 5, 2009

I should have known better...

I found out yesterday afternoon what it feels like to take a tennis ball to the eye. Yours truly wasn't paying attention, bent over to grab a ball, leaned up, and flash. I know I yelped, for it stung quite well. After heading to the bathroom and inspecting a bloodshot eye with a high degree of pain, it became apparent that I needed to get to my eye doctor.

When all was said and done, I hadn't seriously injured my eye but got hit hard enough to warrant a good dose of inflammation. The drops my eye doctor gave me last night left my right eye quite dilated. So today while I was home I thought I'd show my great friend, The Rabid Outdoorsman, the fruits of my labor with an attached photo. After some "crude" exchanges, he got the last laugh as I now am the proud recipient of one of his photoshopped wonders.

Here's the before picture... .

and what it quickly became..

I do hope that socialism fails... or at least that Rabid misses a trophy buck next fall...

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Terry Scoville said...

laughing out loud, good one to the both of you!