Friday, March 5, 2010

Future write ups...

The Big Bear is due for a face lift...

On taps for the future of the Downeast Duck Hunter include:

In celebration of the Maine Outdoorsman's new Yamaha Grizzly ATV, I will showcase a fender restoration on my 2003 Yamaha Big Bear. It only has 700 miles on it, but the sun and elements were a tad harder on it than I have been. Should make for a neat story, especially since I found squat for tricks to bring out the faded plastic. But yours truly has skills!!!

There is a make up DuckPower fishing trip in the works for mid-May which will include the Duckforce fleet which includes my 18 foot Lund with a new 50 hp Mercury. It has only seen duck hunting action and I'm currently retrofitting it for some lake trout and landlocked salmon trolling. I've coordinated the schedule so there will be no issues, if there is then I'll be less a couple of friends!!!

And there will be a special feature coming up in the next week or so... my wife will be thrilled!!!

Until then, stay west cause I'm downeast... ha ha ha

Northern Maine in 2003 on my second moose permit...

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