Sunday, November 29, 2009

Online Scouting

Due to some inclement weather over the past month, I thought I'd at least try to find some new spots for hunting and fishing. My focus centered on fresh water spots within a 30 mile range of my hometown. It would be wrong to say that this process was tedious and unproductive, but rather tedious and very productive. I found spot that I never knew existed, waterways that weren't on the topographical map, and roads that have been recently added.

In using Google Earth, a Maine Delorme Atlas, and my handheld GPS, I set out yesterday morning in search of a cool spot. I had to put my efforts forward and see what successes and failures would surface. However, reflective practice requires you set forth with a game plan, consider all the elements of the plan, and then redesign the strategy for next time.

I made mistakes, I tried ideas on the run, and I scanned the data once I got home. Although I missed the ideal spot to launch my canoe or kayak, I have been able to get there next time for sure. Trial and error is a wonderful thing, but the mistakes rendered only resulted in honing my talents to better utilize my scouting in the near future.

Below is a vlog (video blog) about my experience with online scouting and putting research into action. It's eight minutes long, but there is some interesting elements to the endeavor.

The Downeast Duck Hunter


prpark said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your Scouting Mission video and you provided some great practical knowledge on reconnoitering an area. My only question would be, did you ever need or use a compass during this mission? All the Best...Phil

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Phil, while I was moving the GPS gave my direction. However, you are right to suggest the utilization of a compass. And yes, once stopped I did look at mine to address my bearings. I suppose that after using it for so many years and being clearly excited about the use of technology, the tried and true compass found itself being without praise.

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I checked with the other member of Duck Power Incorporated and we expect a full report of your findings to be submitted no later than Christmas day at 12:00 PM. :)

You launch that new boat yet or is going to live out the remainder of its life as a plant pot on your front lawn supporting a healthy population of pink flamingos and wood gnomes?